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what's good YouTube I got another pack in from fire pigsty CN I'll some on this hotcakes I see in this is the second package for that one order that I did it did come in today so this is what I got I got a Perry blasters I got two pairs of glasses I got a pair of Tom Ford's right here the C band comes in his side right here this is like kind of like a suede tight
velvet material does come with the card these are the original quality glasses they don't come with it come with the wipes on them too cleaning cloth and you can see the detail on the inside these are the glasses they are up here they
are like a kind of like a black like a grayish tint to them see-through right here you got the numbers on the inside right here the glasses are really nice they fit perfect so you got the Tom Ford logo right on the they do look good
on the face they're a little bit bigger you know they're probably like well they do feel high-quality just like the original ones that you buy in stores for $400 a home quick I actually got these because I wanted to see what sunglasses look like and I actually saw a pair of
Gucci glasses at the mall that I was gonna buy they were gonna cost me like three hundred eighty bucks and I ended up getting these thinking that these were the ones but they weren't the ones does have a velvet feel to it the box these are original quality blue cheese these are right here they have like a kind of like a red tint in the inside and these are similar to the original ones the rooms but these are not the ones
that I saw in the mall and I didn't like the way these ones fit me other than that the quality of the glasses is on point you do have the bumblebee right here you got the double cheese right here my cameras I'm gonna go to pick that up but really nice glasses they
look good on my girl so let's just end up keeping these quality if it was good you know it's not gonna fall apart on you or anything like that these are original qualities like I said they're a little thick I'm you know they're pretty thick pretty good pretty decent size lens these are I just didn't like the way these ones fit me and those weren't
the ones I've seen in the mall so I mean but for 50 bucks you really can't beat it these are going for like four hundred and twenty dollars on the site these exact same lens now polarize and all that other stuff I don't know if these are polarized or not but I don't think they are I think they're just regular lens I might end up going to the mine getting the mother one stone for it cuz I really like them and they don't seem to have them on the site now let's get on to the shoes I got
another pair of ultra boost ma'am this is right there yep 10 BAM I got the off-white ultra boost customs this is translucent you got the little
time right here you got the boost on here written down here in letterings they kind of did stuff on the boost right there but the shoe laces are a bright and it's orange they're like neon orange but you can see that football you have this little tag right here stitch in you guys can see right there these are all white bottom is like a sail away and then right here
is pure white really nice shoe though I really like these I think they look super dope the part look even better outside on feet these are super max perfect qualities you can see you got that nice lip back here I supposed to be use I think these are going for like 55 bucks on their site which isn't a bad deal really good they even got a black pair like this one now does issue no blue stains none of this
stuff has yellow doubt or not right there like I said really nice one thing I notice is that this cage is stitched in right here a part all like that but these are the 4.0 is too is raw for ever mention that the 4.0 ultra boosts off-white customs and you have to boost rating right there they look really good
I like these ones a lot really nice summer shoe that orange just tops amen that's all I got for you guys for right now so might come and subscribe to my channel I am making another order so stay tuned for that and yeah man that's all are pretty much guys like I said the glasses the top fours are $46 on the site the Gucci glasses are $49 and these
shoes right here 55 bucks but you really can't beat it because they're super max perfect quality they're like 98 percentile thinning they got real boost everything really good deal for these good man that's all I got for you guys for right now I'm out peace