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chess was born in India today chess is an important game recognized all over the world through prestigious tournaments but a few know that chess originated in India over 5 000 years ago remnants of chess pieces and board found in excavations in Talavera and Lothal revealed that chess was played in India 5 000 years ago an older reference to the game can be found in remind the Indian epic where mundo 3 the queen of Lanka engages in a game of war strategies in olden times chess was known as chaturanga because it comprised four arms of the army chatter means four and anger means divisions four parts chaturanga means the four divisions of the army chaturanga played in India since millennia morphed into shatranj the most popular name by which this game is known today in North India chaturanga was taken to Persia during the reign of King Chris Row one inertial vana del of the sasanian dynasty who ruled between the years 531 and 579 see the final move in chess is check mate which comes from the Persian phrase check ma meaning the king is dead and therefore the war is won during the last