When You Feel Like Giving Up (motivation)


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okay what up welcome to my channel I have a deep one for you today so if you human I sure you felt like quitting and if you like me I sure you did there so many projects that I just didn follow through there so many books that have started to write and didn finish writing so many business I started and didn follow through on as well and just recently I started a new job which is a blessing it going to be less stressful i don have to travel as much it right down the street from my house so i like it but the transition has been quite hectic there a lot of new things i have to learn and i didn even have a lot of time to work on my kindle business I was feeling overwhelmed and I felt like quitting and it not the first time I feel this way and I sure it will not be the last and in the past I would have just thrown in the towel and gave up but there are two things that kept me going the first thing is just the thought of quitting what