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death it a sensitive topic and although death will happen to all of us what happens when we die may never be a hundred percent confirmed but here are five theories on what may happen when we do pass you come back as an animal animal reincarnation is the concept that once you die your soul and energy leaves your body and comes back as a newborn animal that all humans and animals share a similar if not the same soul once you have become an animal you won know of your past life as a human it one of the main beliefs in India and Eastern religions the Buddhist religion implies that souls are reborns animals because of past misdeeds because non human animals can engage in conscious acts of self improvement they cannot improve their karmic status and the souls must continue to be reborn as animals until their bad karma is exhausted and only after that are they reborn as human beings so being reborn as an animal is actually considered to be quite a serious spiritual setback in the Buddhist religion born again ever had deja vu that overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn