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hey everyone I Adam thank you for joining us for this video and today we have another very interesting question to talk about have you ever wondered how to assess yourself when you using an invitation technique aka shadowing meaning how do you know if you imitating a native speaker correctly if you making the right sounds and pronouncing words correctly and how do you know if we making any progress first off figure out your goals to good pronunciation and accent really matter to you are you serious about it and you ready to work hard and be consistent to improve your accent dramatically and maybe even sound very much like a native speaker or you want or you would love to improve your pronunciation of course but it not like you ready to make time for practicing every single day which is absolutely fine for the first case scenario you will have to work hard and practice regularly but for both of these cases you don really need someone or a teacher to tell you whether you correct or not however there a huge but in this case you have to be really informed and knowledgeable meaning that