Life Hacks No One Told You *Life Changing Beauty Tips*


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“Hey Guys! Is Quarantine almost over? Does that mean I need to start remembering how to be human again? Will I be wearing heels and a bra soon? Putting on and taking off makeup? Can I at least keep wearing my favorite T Shirt every day or will I have to finally change?? NOOO!!”  “Before you start worrying that you have forgotten everything you once knew. And you may never be able to leave the house ever again, let me show you some genius getting ready hacks that will boost your confidence right back to where it should be. Do not fear, because I am here to help bring you some quick and easy tips that will make getting ready and leaving your house a breeze.” “Also you guys, on top of the hacks I’m about to show you, I have created these really awesome worksheets for you to follow that will help you stay organized and relieve stress during these crazy times. One is a daily checklist that you can fill out each day to make sure you are accomplishing all of your daily goals. And the other is a stress free worksheet that will help relieve you from any anxiety you might have of leaving your house again or anything else you might be going through this week.