Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Communist China and the future of the free world | The Epoch Times


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my remarks today are the fourth set of remarks in a series of china speeches that i asked national security adviser robert o fbi director chris wray and the attorney general barr to deliver alongside me we had a very clear purpose a real mission was to explain the different facets of america relationship with china the massive imbalances in that relationship that have built up over decades and the chinese communist party designs for hegemony our goal was to make clear that the threats to americans that president trump china policy aims to address are clear and our strategy for securing those freedoms established you know ambassador bryan spoke about ideology fbi director ray talked about espionage attorney general barr spoke about economics and now my goal today is to put it all together for the american people in detail what the china threat means for our economy for our liberty indeed for the future of free democracies around the world next year marks half a century since dr kissinger secret mission to china and the 50th anniversary of president nixon strip isn too far away in 2022 you know the world was much different then we imagined engagement