How to Start a Business or Podcast From Scratch | Tim Ferriss


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hey guys to embarrass here author of 4 hour workweek for our this that and the other thing tools of titans host of the Tim Ferriss show all that and I want to take a stab at a very common question which is if you were starting a business from scratch if you were starting a podcast from scratch what advice would you give well I will give you some advice and I thought about this a lot and I been asked this a lot and the recommendations tend to be exactly the same so first I would say that it is easiest and in my mind much more fun to create a category and own it as opposed to trying to dominate an existing category with something that is incrementally better so if you try to slot what you going to do into a pre existing category and then beat the best it is very hard to do that in dramatic fashion and there are a few homework assignments that I would recommend you read immediately to really hone in on how to think about this so number one is a single chapter in a single book is the