Bruce Campbell's Horror Fest Cancelled ( Rant )


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right hey guys welcome to isaiah reviews my name is Isaiah and today and we do something a little different a little outside the norm than what I normally do and that is a humongous rant on the fact that I promised for the past few months that you know hey march i going to cover this bruce campbell horror fest and it the first week of march you know it gonna be awesome a tune in subscribe now to catch all the updates interviews while I out there filming well no that happening now why well Bruce Campbell was apparently filming ash vs Evil Dead which will play the series will play in November or something of this year but I don quite buy that because the lineup was not that great that they kind of showed everyone on the side for the whole year everybody the same lineups been identical for the whole year 10 days until the event they said they were finalized everything well it was a three day event now they moved it from march to august and they joined it with chicago comic con which is a four day weekend admission thing afford a