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okay thank you all for coming today this is the natural language processing in Python by our speaker Alice Chou she a senior data scientist at Metis and I believe that she has a bit of a tutorial that we can follow along with so please join me in welcoming her thanks everyone it so great to see a full house here today I very excited to speak at the PI Ohio conference one of my colleagues spoke here last year and he loved it and so he recommended that I come as well so today I be talking about natural language processing in Python and the first thing I want to mention is this is a two hour long tutorial so you just make you so that everyone signed up for sitting here for the next two hours also I going to be walking through a couple of Jupiter notebooks so Jupiter notebooks are this nice way of doing Python code and we use it a lot when we teach our data science boot camps so if you go to github com slash at of data there a readme file up there as well that has some setup instructions