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the hi my name is cart is Luis and I submitted in my candidacy for the supervisor development program with brown shoe I grew up in Las Vegas the batter i started in retail at the age of 15 at footaction USA I were developed my sales and management skills after five years I moved on the loan officer where I developed my time management and communication skills after about three years in the banking industry I was introduced to Famous Footwear after five months and as the one of the top in sales and service I was given the opportunity and offered the position as a sales and service manager here at famous footwear in sugarland where I currently held this position now for a year the one of my key and most important responsibilities and strength is I very passionate about maintaining excellent customer service and driving sales in my store one of the ways in doing that is running my store from the inside out I believe that great service begins on the inside from training and developing to the way I treat my staff all that I believe that it works its way from the inside