How To Install Google Now Launcher To ANY Android Device 4.1+


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hey guys she starts with droid at Mater X and as you guys can see I currently running the Google now launcher on my verizon LG g3 able to do that because google officially released the Google now launcher to all devices running Android for dot one and higher so that actually means that you be able to use the Google now launcher on a slew of newer devices so pretty much any device that was made in 2014 and most of 2013 okay so you head into the Play Store and you search for the Google launcher and it should be the first thing listed there you go ahead and click that and install basically once that installed you not have Google now launcher on your device of course you have to select that as your primary launcher if you swipe to the right it going to bring up your google now cards if you swipe over to the left it going to bring up a big icon with the google play store and some other Google Play type applications there and then from the home screen you able to do all the Google now command so you say