Quantum Matter Lecture 4


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hi welcome back this is the fourth lecture of the lecture series before I get going I had requested in one of the previous lectures that if you have any questions you should should email me and I did get a question I not sure who it from I didn recognize the email address is one of those sort of garbled hotmail dresses and they didn sign their name they said a nice lecture thank you and they said I have a question and the question is what happened to the beard so there was one the kind of question I was actually expecting but actually the the beard is a casualty of coronavirus I had a beard for twenty years but it seems that more and more people feel that it when you go out it important to wear a mask and there is some evidence that wearing a mask with a beard is less effective than without a beard so after 20 years I gotten rid of the beard and and the wife is okay with it so so it probably gonna stay this way for a while anyway the subject of today lecture is is London theory