i got shoes today from famous footwear


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Applause Music what is love gaseous your boy shadow to charge slurry I haven been looking for a while it just says like I been dealing stuff in my army techmo and that old job search but and other days I have some things kind of lazy to upload but Music but anyways today I just wanted to show you guys well you know like I my dollar my dog chewed up my shoes both of my shoes and bought new ones because I didn it I don really have the money for luck I wanted to go to the locker because well occurs like really cushy they have really cool shoes like Stefan kirti there like Jordans they have really nice Jordans they really nice I think there have their fortunes like I not sure but anyways those they have brown eyes she was that little locks so if you guys have been to check check if you guys five Menace like to check doubtful officer you got should they really bad singsong I but they not she that why I could never get there that is expensive and so I want to get muscle work and so I