The Phantom Creeps (1939) [HD]


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[Music] [Music] [Music] I control both dr. sonner you're not gonna let that thing out again is suddenly there's work to be done of it might get away like it is last time I created it I can control it or destroy that I can use you whom I helped escape from pressure i controllable quickly [Music] see what good it is the cops will never let anything like that walk down the street what's to the police so anybody do against an army like them [Music] [Music] close the control you could crash [Music] the car outside that moves with my wife she wants to take me away he's afraid of what I'm doing here yet she knows only a small part of it I did so only because he was working a long line contrary to the good of mankind I know he's doing I hope I can stop him before it's too late I hate to have you face him alone I don't care I think he really cared for me as much as you can't care for anybody except himself you're not gonna tell her about the new element you discovered I it only enough to prove I have accomplished what they told me was impossible get me one of the magnetized disks but if you're determined to face him alone I'll wait in there won't your wife make tonight [Music] and night yeah you you're glad to see me yeah [Music] I've been wanting a business to migrate craft yes I thought Mallory and the others there was a way to induce a state of suspended animation that Queen Detroit from death that I find they called me a dreamer a fool but now I haven't and we shall see and tell them [Applause] you see this disc watch [Music] it will come to you if you go only to that desk which I had put there by the plan the disk there is magnetized by a positive ray my new element which is unknown to science and this see the spider carries the negative I mean the to mean you shall see [Music] no no it's not there nor will the person be on the same circumstance to bear that Mallory is not here see my crime I have seen it do you work fine oh it's that if you wish Alex but you made no secret of it now my fear is what are you going to do with it I sure do visit I wish not hand it over to the government as you would have me I still think that would be best it should be under control for the good of mankind you would still receive credit for its discovery Hey we destroyed if they could but possibly never will I let it go already appalling government has offered me Millions perhaps I shall serve with them don't you realize what a terrific weapon it would be in the hands of unscrupulous people I'll cross that is why they shall pay me dearly for it Alec you must not then it is my duty to inform the government at once all right if it is you beauty do so by all means but you will find it a great mistake what do you mean you soon all of you I am mom get the D visualizer did you carry out my instructions regarding the work to be done on this yes sir i strengthened the ionizer but I was afraid to use it time not afraid they think they know everything that I have but they know nothing of this dividual Iser that you've concealed me from my enemies I'll take you tonight perhaps I can see him again I'm persuaded from his med course and I'll get in touch with the government I've already talked with Captain list of the War Department about Alex they won't punish him women no and they'll just keep him and what he has found under control so that he can't misuse it or dispose of it to a country that would [Music] you have failed uncle [Applause] dive in a faith how come I need you goodnight aunt [Music] if it's perfect but for a shuttle but can you come back [Music] [Applause] and now as the Phantom there is nothing that I cannot do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now rethinking their business I'll come right out there soon as I get a call I'm waiting for ya captain west of the Army Intelligence I'll start as soon as he phones me all right don't worry much depends on what happens in this house today was wait and listen good [Music] [Music] probably Madhavi oh yeah I'm so glad you got here captain let's ride yet no fighting here that must be Farwest to government plane they are closing in they will find lucky I have to change my appearance maybe you better stay here and keep an eye on the planes yeah okay captain where is the true that dr.