Twilight Sparkle Almost Looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! | WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT


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hello everypony my name is Ruby J and today we going to be talking about one of the most great a top notch 5 star blow your horseshoes off one of a kind shows ever My Little Pony Friendship is Magic let go Rainbow Dash I love it when she does bat My Little Pony has been around since the 1980s and in 2010 animator Lauren Faust had developed the French of his magic version we know and love but her original ideas were a little different from what ended up on the screen let learn more on what they got right with the My Little Pony characters much of his magic wait 6 spot let start with Twilight Sparkle only in the original show pitch she was known as Twilight twinkle and had a totally different color palette a pitch is what a creator makes with all their ideas and grinds when they trying to get their cartoon on TV and often those ideas change a lot before the cartoon airs take for example that rambunctious ball of energy Pinkamena Diane pie or Pinkie Pie for short her original design with a Pegasus pony he was always zipping around