CVS & Famous Footwear 4/1/12


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hey guys I just want to do a quick video on what I got at CBS you guys priority seen videos about this Allegra I want to see me yes I don like dealing with walmart i go there maybe once in a blue moon to get groceries but i don like going there so much because it there always a problem there not enough registers open there so many people wait in line so I don even really deal with Walmart too much I go to Target or like Dominic for my groceries I stuff but if we need to get cheap stuff i go to walmart every once in a while so I just want to CVS to get these for free now i do have allergies so I will be using these or I be giving them to my mom they did let me use two coupons in one transaction because i think the coupon said um one per transaction so out of pocket i paid 24 cents which was for tax this is where the coupon came out of it came out of the smart source April first that what it looks like this is what