Stone Circles | Stonehenge, Göbekli Tepe and the Global Phenomenon | Hugh Newman | Megalithomania


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Music so today we going to be looking at the world of stone circles not only famous stone circles such as Stonehenge in Avebury that we find in England but we find that it a worldwide phenomenon so my name Hugh Newman I a researcher Explorer megalomaniac and giant ologist is some of the books I been writing over the years the most latest one is that I contributed to is this one called megalith studies in stone where we go into the phenomena of stone circles now stone circles we just think of Stonehenge we think maybe of Avebury and that pretty much it but Britain alone has over 1 000 recorded megalithic circles going back potentially to around 7 000 years ago with some sites in the western northern area of Ireland but what we going to look at today is not only the British ones but the worldwide phenomena and these include places such as Gobekli Tepe in southeast Turkey carahunge in Armenia and even circles in Australia amongst many other places so we going to look at the strange discoveries and some obscure information about Stonehenge in Avebury looking at the work of alexander tom and