At What Temperature Does Ink Freeze? - Q&A Slices


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what temperature does Inc freeze at approximately okay they might vary a little bit from wanting to another but approximately it gonna be at the freezing point you know around 32 degrees Fahrenheit zero degree Celsius it might be a little bit lower than that I haven done like scientific testing to see exactly what temperature Inc freezes at but Inc is mostly water so it pretty much gonna freeze like water does it might be a little bit lower because there is kind of some salt content in Inked that part the salinity is part of what helps you know ink to flow properly so it might be a little bit lower disc of salt water usually as a freezing point a little bit lower than regular water but I don know how significant that going to be I will say that you know knew there polar inks are formulated specifically to have a lower freezing point that why the name polar so it that one going to be like more like zero degrees or below Fahrenheit once you get to like negative twenty that where it starts to freeze and what interesting we actually haven talked about this