Court Case for Cleansing the Gates by Jackie Hanselman


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father God we come before you this night we come into the mercy Court of heaven to for a class action lawsuit on behalf of our bloodlines my marriage adoption and blood on behalf of all that are living today in our bloodlines and our children and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren in our seed we are doing a class action lawsuit regarding the defilement and the captivity of the gates in our bloodline I call into the courts everyone in the great cloud of witnesses who should be present from our bloodlines all the righteous all those who have prayed all those who persevered into the narrow paths I call you into this night to give testimony in the court regarding this family and the legacy and the destiny and the birthright that is upon the families represented here I asked for the books of heaven in Hell to be open I asked for Jesus Christ our intercessor our high priest to be present with the blood that speaks of better things that speaks mercy and forgiveness I answer the Holy Spirit who was our inner SAR advocate our lawyer to be present along with the seven spirits