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What's up, everyone. This is Jeff, here with another developer update to tell you about something super awesome, which is big changes coming for Mercy. Now, Mercy is one of the top played characters in Overwatch, so I know there are many, many of you out there who are Mercy mains, who are suddenly worried: "What are you doing to my beloved Mercy? Please don't wreck her. Keep her awesome. We love Mercy so much." We love Mercy, too. We wanted to put a lot of focus and attention into improving the Mercy play experience. And I think it's important for me to start with: Why are we changing Mercy in the first place? So, one of the problems we see with Mercy right now is there's a weird behavior that's encouraged by the core, fundamental design of the hero, which is that, if you are a Mercy player and you're healing your team and your ultimate is up or close to being up, you have this weird moment where you stop healing your team, you go into hiding, and you start to tell your team: "Everybody die together! Die on the point.