Featured Game: Donkey Basketball


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spring is having our dime warming up so tonight we heading inside for an unusual sport thanks for joining us on the rally on life I Frank Vascellaro well said Maxie it a popular way to raise money for a good cause but it is unusual it donkey basketball and tonight it was about helping the Future Farmers of America and the New London speiser area here David McCoy they call it donkey basketball but you could just as easily drop the B if you know what I mean you want to come see some people get abused it the place to do it if you want to see someone throw down a slam donkey this probably isn the place we don have a lot of points scored and donkey ball to Louis born again just keep the ball and go for layups it probably our best bet actually your best bet is just trying not to fall on your especially if you get one is stubborn as Latrell Sprewell if your donkey won do what you asking to do is not because he is stubborn or some people mistakenly translated into stupidest because he decided your ideas dumb or