Japan v South Africa | Rugby World Cup 2019 Quarter Final


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Music Applause Music hello incumbent wah from Tokyo Sadie where we are sick ready to go for our last quarter final of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and tonight is Japan and South Africa squaring off with a chance to play Wales in C final number two and conditions are perfect with a lot breeze take the pitch hard and fast the loser packs there there the winner advances to take on Wales in semi final number two Applause Music get your ace this Applause sometime forget looking to create world history becoming the early Chang soo the dropping a cool guy they went down to New Zealand Music Canada Japan ties to fate in that on tournaments they they big time Applause just a second at first silence to recognize those lost following two gibbehhhhh sadly kind of lives of 70 paper the rock in solidarity with the people of Japan moment of silence with the people in Japan following the widespread damage flooding and sadly loss of life caused by Typhoon maggots demon causing okay you kidding me Music thank you Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Music Music so I might my Sheila price Tara the