New Zealand v South Africa | Rugby World Cup 2019


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Music Applause Music night has come to Yokohama in Japan but day 2 of the Rugby World Cup is far from done the best saved to last this the clash in very good weather conditions between the champions of the last three World Cups the New Zealand All Blacks back to back champions of the last two South Africa winners in 2007 there is a real sense of anticipation here at the international stadium will be and right at the top there New Zealand against South Africa the best against the best below them it elite Namibia Canada they will struggle to qualify and get past these two giants of the world game the Springboks will be wearing their traditional green and gold shirts their coach grassy Erasmus who has transformed the fortunes see a collie see the inspirational captain South Africa have Dwayne vermeulen at number eight winning his fiftieth cap in an Etsy beth the giant in the second row good evening Chris Patterson yeah good evening edit and we have a look at the Giants in the front row here it even kids off Malcolm marks and Fran small however up front for South Africa a lot