FINIS Zoomers and Z2 Fins: Short Blade Training Fins


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z2 fins are the next generation of the original and patented Zoomers fin the z2 fins are not a replacement for the original Zoomers ideally you have both the z2 and Zoomers in your swim bag because even though they share some of the same characteristics they offer distinctly different training benefits swimmers should train with both z2 and Zoomers to maximise the unique benefits of each fin let look at some of the similarities and differences between the two fins both the z2 and Zoomers have a smaller blade than traditional fins this short blade encourage you to kick smaller and faster and it allows you to train closer to an unassisted or natural state a small fast kick makes the legs work harder but the short blade doesn overload the muscles therefore with z2 s and with Zoomers you can maintain a high level of intensity for a longer period of time and this is one of the key principles for improving your cardiovascular fitness with z2 s and with Zoomers you can practice swimming at or above race pace speeds all year long with z2 s and with Zoomers you can do more sprint work without the