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greetings everyone this is Jeff from the overwatch team I just want to give you a little bit of a warning I think this is going to be a longer developer update than we usually do but it because we want to spend time explaining things very carefully to you so as you know an overwatch we give you a very short period of time to choose your team the assembles heroes héroes mode is only 40 seconds long and as many of you know as veteran overwatch players team composition is everything to your success and failure of whether or not you going to win the match and we feel like there a lot of pressure on you in that 40 seconds to make some very tough decisions for this reason we are introducing a feature that going to give you more control over your experience and this feature is called roll cue the reason we are adding roll cue is because we believe that it going to improve match quality it going to give you more control over your play experience you gonna have more options as to what you going to to play and it also going