MetroPCS Strands New Customer With Phone That Can't Make or Receive Calls


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I so tonight we going to be doing a little bit of discussing some different topics here metropcs they kind of messed up and they on the news right now which is kind of sad because I know exactly how this happened I know exactly what went down but I gonna actually what I gonna do Josh I actually gonna mess with my stream first before so you gonna you going to see my voice up are you going to hear my voice but you not going to be able to see it going to see this going to show some like you to banner type thing so that what i actually going to do right now this moment i gonna see here so let go to the live control room let see here but what is up guys d did you know that ZTE has a SmartWatch what they have a SmartWatch so that what up Brian I never use the computer man compute it yep now go hey do is take those do it sounds us to see if I can hear you guys talking right now because I want to know you guys all face cam sometimes