HARRY POTTER QUIZ NIGHT! With TheBakeey and Ciaran O'Donovan


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hi guys it Koslow say you having a magical day as you can see I currently sat in my car because I going to a very exciting place and that is to the Harry Potter studios my lovely friend Sophie verbe he had a chance to go and do the Harry Potter quiz night at the studios and I been very fortunate enough to be invited long to go with her so I on my way there now so I very much looking forward to going I will let you know when I get there and of course you guys will see Sophie as well so it will be very very exciting so I will see you guys very very soon Music we just arrived and you were about to write you yeah but it a deep island it too hot here we go a nice breeze now it absolutely well my hair going absolutely not any better we gonna make a wing because we get to do the tour as well so and so view straight out of Azkaban so yeah we gonna head on in a minute so so that Sophie multi I like the marauders map type