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everybody it Jeff from the overwatch team again happy to be doing another one of these developer updates we thought we take a different angle this time and talk a little bit about what coming up after the holiday break for us and a little bit of why you know what we doing is going to be relevant so just to back up a little bit we heard a lot of requests for some sort of progression or reward system in the game and it something we very eager to get to and sort of the irony some of you know that some of you don but the irony is that we actually had to progression and reward systems in overwatch already and we cut them completely they were total failures so I thought one of the things that might be interesting is to tell you guys a little bit about what we did in the past and why it failed so you know when we get to our new system next year why we sort of went in the direction that we did so the first system that we tried was really interesting it was very similar to like