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DEVELOPER UPDATE OVERWATCH ARCHIVES Welcome everybody to a super special Developer Update. I'm Jeff from the Overwatch team. Hi, I'm Tim from the Overwatch team. We're really excited to announce that we're going to be bringing back the Uprising brawl that you all remember from last year. For those of you who didn't have a chance to play, the Uprising brawl has two different modes. One mode, where we call Story mode, where you get to play as one of the cast of four heroes: Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, or Mercy. And you're replaying basically Tracer's first Overwatch mission through the streets of King's Row. King's Row has been infested with a bunch of evil Omnics, looking to kill all of its denizens, and you need to go in and save the day. You can also play as any hero in our All Heroes mode of Uprising. So, if you want to commit your own horrible, monstrous, anti-Omnic attack by playing as Orisa and Bastion and Zenyatta against your brethren. You can play that way too. What is really fun about PvE for us is that it allows the players a chance to fulfill the fantasy of each of these heroes.