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welcome to the developer update I Jeff from the overwatch team I here today to follow up on a previous developer update where I mentioned some hero balance changes that were coming so recently with our Lunar New Year patch the year of the dog patch we accidentally patched in some changes that were headed to the PTR but that weren fully finished and not all the changes made it so some of you might have noticed a weird sneak preview of some of these changes and for that I apologize that that mistake happened we backed those out but now they making their way to the PTR for you to check them and test them in the upcoming week so some of the things that we are changing have to do with May and May in particular we don think is that far off from being pretty well balanced but she could use a little bit of help so something that we trying is increasing the duration of her freeze how this will affect you as am a player or somebody playing against me before there were those moments where may would be using her primary fire against you