Cyborg 2087 (1966)


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my Music this Music so Music this Music ten nine eight seven six five four three Music garth a7 you have reached your programmed destination in the year 1966 previous briefing of all technology of that time sphere is in effect final instructions will now be transmitted proceed to nearby desert city locate future industries incorporated find professor sigmund marks bring the professor to this command if he resists destroy him Music Applause Music so Music Applause Music Applause Music so Music so so this is your old town yeah and it still a pretty nice town too well i guess so if you like ghost towns me i uh i prefer the life of the city that the trouble with this younger generation they got no respect for their good old days let me tell you soon right here on this street in our good old days there was more activity than you ever see in that new town of years over yandere salmon let go into the casino and have a couple snorts well that a good idea uncle pete uh except i have a feeling this town is uh dry you want a bet you don think