How to Remove the English (auto generated) Option From Your YouTube Video Subtitles/CC Setting.


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I going to show you how to get rid of the English auto generated option in the Subtitles Closed Caption settings We already have the proper English Closed Captions we don need the auto generated crap It garbage it useless and it redundant It also screws up your transcript settings It defaults to English auto generated and as you can see It doesn match what this says You see markup tags that don work in Subrip files that do work in Web Video Text Track files I show you how to get rid of that now You go to your Creator Studio and go to the video in question and go to your Subtitles Close Caption tab You see English Automatic Unpublish Delete draft And now you just got English left I go back to this tab Reload No more Auto Craptions option And now when you go to Transcripts You get the English Closed Caption Transcript instead of the Auto Craptions So that how you do it Thanks for watching