Unboxing Nest Learning Thermostat


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nest sent us their learning thermostat and we going to do an unboxing video and see what inside this is something that we have always wanted to try it programs itself then pays for itself this one comes with a new design with new features so we going to turn it over and go ahead and slice it with this scissors because there a plastic coating on the outside of it to open it before and wrapping please check compatibility at nest calm works there is a tab here to open up the seal it slides up nothing done there is the nest see what inside this instructions everything you need about your nest professional installation the Learning Thermostat installation guide the more you nest the better it gets information you need turn off the power to heating and cooling systems before installing has everything you need there screws and it even comes with the installation tool install with this side away from the wall these screws that it comes with also there you go that is everything that comes with the nest