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hi I John linka with Consumer Reports and I here with Jenn stock Berger senior automotive engineer in charge of our child safety seat program Jenn for new parents what should they look for with a car seat well the first choice is what type of seat they want for their smallest passengers they actually have two choices the first is a rear facing only infancy and that what most parents choose simply for the convenience of the detachable carrier you can move your baby around while it sleeping oh there is a convertible seat and this can actually present a better value this is a seat that starts out rear facing much like the infancy but as the baby grows can be turned forward facing first so they can be used for a longer period of time is there any certain time frame when a child might move out of an infant to a convertible yeah there a there a couple trick the first is the laws and what the American Academy of Pediatrics says one year and 20 pounds that the absolute minimum point before you should even consider rotating your baby forward facing but new research says