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Me: Subin, you often wear leather pants these days, right? Subin: Yup! Subin sensed that I was gonna say something weird to him LOL So the story goes: Subin wore leather pants pretty often for Remember Me My friend then told me that he looked sexy af.. so I'm telling him about this story (his wandering eyeballs) Me: What do you think? Do you agree? His reaction is too precious lol Subin: I think it's a compliment....? Me: Yeah of course, it means you're sexy even though you're only 18! Subin: What a relief Subin: At least it's not dirty dancing .. Subin: If it was, it would've been kind of sad And so I thought this conversation was ending... Subin: She called me sexy af Me: ...! Wait WHUT Seungwoo: You can't say that sort of things to our baby I'm losing my mind because of this unexpected "sexy af" discussion round 2 (Subin all happy after telling SW on me) SW: I can't stand this! Me: (giving up on life) Oppa, you're sexier Chan officially joining in on our mad conversation lol Can someone plz stop SW And SW suddenly feels a rush of embarrassment after a round of madness.