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this is round from 1349 and you watching heavy New York what up everybody it alex from heavy New York we are back at the st Vitus basement and we are here with 1349 thank you guys for your time today thank you it so awesome to have you here your newest record is the infernal pathway what I curious is being that it was five years since the release of cauldron of chaos the record before that was this just a continuation of that or do you think that this record is kind of like a new beginning or a stand out in your catalog well the thing with 1349 is that whenever we do an album it has to be better than what we done before I mean we won that also maybe why it takes time is because it has to top what we done before otherwise there no need or no meaning to doing another album it has to be better we have to progress to move on what I curious is being that you always want to progress with your sound is there like a preconceived idea on how you want the next 1349 record