6 Ethernet LAN fanless pfsense Mini PC Intel core i3 7100u DDR4 AES-NI linux server firewall


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so I reviewed these in the past these are the passively cooled I believe it pronounced protect le firewalls and they make really nice little pfSense boxes this one pretty slick this is their newest model now their old models we really popular they nice but they don have the AES ni support which means the potential future versions of software like pfSense won be working on this also without the AES you lose some speed because it that the hardware decryption on there for things like VPN anyways back to the product so well this is their latest one and right away I impressed with its that heavy I don have the exact ounces right here but it also has six intel eight two five eight three V ports this is a Celeron model they have two models once an Intel series i3 the other one is a Celeron that the one we have which is the 365 you Cabul ache 1 8 gigahertz now these ship with no memory in them so we ordered this no memory no M SATA that how they ship they do have HDMI comport which is kind of interesting for USB 3s on