La "Cacio e pepe" a Roma è anche una pizza


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Hi. I'm Stefano Callegari of "Pizzeria Tonda" in Rome and today I'll show you how to make the "Cacio e Pepe" pizza. Let's start from the dough. We need one tap water litre... In which we'll pour some flour, some active dry yeast, just one gram and I mix it with the flour I put in the water some "criscito", a sourdough, just before We add half flour in order to obtain an homogeneous cream in the very first step of the dough process And then let's pour therest of the flour little by little At very high temperature. At this stage I take it out from the bowl and I knead it on the worktop After almost twenty-four hours, let's take the dough out of the fridge Now I'll try to make a sphere with this dough, I stretch the outer part towards the centre and then I make a sort of loaf After three hours let's take our kind of ball I place it on the flour It's important to keep all the surface quite homogeneous and I make the crust edge clearly visible, because, as I was saying, this pizza has the peculiarity to bake with ice on top So I'm gonna use it, in cubes or minced.