The story behind the High Chair by BabyBjorn


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real time could be the most precious time of the day but it could also be the most challenging when developing the baby on high chair Humana close study of traditional high chairs of the market but also children in hydrants what were your findings visiting families in their homes with so many children who said quite poorly and they were pillows stuffed in on the sides in order to keep them upright some day a child tries to stand up or try to climb into the air and in Sweden around 800 accidents occur every year and they are all related to high shares those children are up to three years and the accident occurred how most of the time what actually happens looking at the many traditional high shares that have a very wide seats in order to slide the feet down this also makes it possible for the Shelf to get their knee up again and climb up and they could fall one other thing that is common unfortunately is that child can get their fleet up against the table and kicked away so develop secure hide show you had to take a lot into consideration but