Dr. Claud Anderson.......The Building Blocks of Group Economics


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there a direct relationship between having the businesses and being in prison go find an 807 agent you can find an American prisoners hangar being there but 51 your prisoner be black because he don go black so having a businesses and industries there a direct link Black alone practice group economics black won practice group politics if you don practice you set yourself up and I told that five story building you set yourself to get wiped out understand the nature of race which is economics if you if you build a first floor is economic bill your businesses in your industries control buildings and industry and put that pools in your money and hold that money and practice group economics putting with it pair up an Asian money bounces twelve or thirteen times for at least Jewish money bounces eighteen times black folk gotta learn how to practice group economics black markets and every penny they get outside their own community then you take the money in the wealth that you get from their first floor and go to the second floor the second floor is politics you didn take their money on the first floor and you