Flash tutorial 3D translation and rotation tools


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Summary (prepared by human):

In this demonstration, I’m going to show you how to use the 3D translation tool and the 3D rotation tool. To begin I created a background that was black, by changing the stage to black. I created a rectangle that is supposed to represent a piece of paper. I created a movie clip, that has no lines, it just has fill, and it is white, representing a piece of paper. Before i start using my 3D translation tool, I’m going to right click and i am going to create a motion tween. I want this to persist for a while, so I am going to drag it way out in the timeline. This does work best with a motion tween. Then I am going to move to various stages within it, and make changes. I’m going to click here around frame 30, and I’m going to use the translation tool, which is what I have selected, and I’m going to have it go away from us for a little bit, and then I am going to add my rotation tool, and change the angle of the paper. Then I’m going to move forward on my timeline, change the angle a little bit more, switch back to my 3D translation tool, move it over, have it come toward me a bit, move forward on my timeline, I want it to drop down, I want it to come toward me, and I want to change the rotation so I have to switch back to the other tool.