The Nova Effect - The Tragedy of Good Luck


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A man named Eric is on a walk with his dog, Nova. While on the walk, Eric loses Nova after she pulls the leash from his hand in pursuit of a rabbit that happens to jump out of a bush as they pass by it. Eric chases after Nova but this only inspires her to run faster, until she completely eludes Eric's vision continuing on her pursuit of the rabbit, that has, by now, hidden somewhere in the other direction. After a great deal of time passes, it becomes clear that Nova has outrun her sense of orientation and is now lost. Eric spends the rest of the day and the days following searching for Nova. He notifies neighbors, enlists friends and family to help, puts up signs, and so on. A week goes by, nova is still missing eric is devastated beyond comprehension he thinks about how horribly unlucky it was that the rabbit jumped out at just the wrong time his hand position just in the wrong place to allow Nova to pull the leash from it About another week later, a woman shows up at Eric's front door, she has Nova.