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hi guys welcome back I have a hall to show you I had to get used my daughter for school they asked for gym shoes to be kept at school that can be used about clean but who has clean shoes for kids so every year we buy her shoes her his way looks like he went to Famous Footwear it was buy one get one 50 off but that a Nike brand and I went to Colts inside a ten dollar gift certificate shoes so I got this for free this was exactly ten dollars so that worked out I didn feel like looking all over the place for something under ten dollars I just wanted to get it for free and I hit the jackpot at Dollar Tree it a different one I went to I have been looking for these for ever and I found them I so excited so my daughter after you found them I dropping stuff here so my daughter found this washi tape with the houses somebody posted on Instagram and I thought was really cute it was hidden behind other things and she found it and this is my third purchase of