Spin-Dry Mop


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tired of the wet mess of traditional mopping tired of scrubbing on your hands and knees are you done with dirty mop heads and the constant ringing of the mop with your hands only to get a sloppy mess and what about the refillable dust mops that just push dirt around and expensive refills introducing the revolutionary 360 degrees spin dry mop with a powerful spin cycle system all you do is simply step on the pedal a few times and the spin dry mop system generates over 2 000 rpms that automatically super dries them up no more bending over and wringing out gross dirty water again it super absorbent microfibers can absorb up to six times the spill the spin tries 360 degree rotating feature allows it to reach every corner and is great for collecting and trapping dirt what makes the 360 spin dry mop so extraordinary is spin dries rinse bucket that allows you to fully try the mop head without using your hands just step on the pedal a few times and spin away on one a dirted water keeping your hands clean and dry the key to the spin dries cleaning power is its