Inside England Rugby - Sweet Chariot (2003)


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Music Applause Music well I think a long way away I not sure we will deserve to the World Cup me another potential to really year out to think of the work that was next week would be one of quite a few teams who could possibly win it we just trying to get to situation where I have no fear of losing everything we want to be totally prepared so give the players every fighting chance of being successful in the tormal that a once a lifetime opportunity that that my job that one time to do but important I saying the cricket on the touchline you will always be coming forward further back you can get the better come forward onto it I guess the situation is now the rugby public in this country they expect us to win for swimming at home they expect us to win every game which i think is a positive thing you know when I first started washing and play rugby in the eighties winning two games or three games out of four would have been a success so now nothing other than winning every game is deemed a success I think