Does More Social Spending Reduce Healthcare Costs?


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the u s spends a lot of money on health care we talked about this we also talked about how all that money doesn get us better health outcomes in fact we a pretty low on health outcomes when compared to other countries with similarly high incomes one proposed explanation for this is that it a result of low investment in social programs that the topic of this week healthcare triage there are data support the idea that low social spending is hurting health outcomes 2009 study in JAMA found that housing and case management services for homeless adults with chronic illnesses resulted in fewer emergency department visits and fewer days spent in the hospital another Johnston also in 2009 found that providing housing for homeless adults with severe alcohol problems decreased health and criminal justice spending from over 4 000 per person per month to just under 1500 after six months this number decreased even further to under 1 000 monthly per person after a year of housing at both points in time there were significant savings compared to controls even after factoring in the cost of housing we covered social determinants of health before and we know they