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I think so many people are keyboard activists right everybody good at sending a tweet about how the world should be and nobody doing anything about it and that just that is just very much human nature we gotten soft as a culture yes you know I mean of course we gotten soft as a culture in the u s because the US has had an incredible two hundred year run right like this is just what happens you know so as a culture you know I can speak for you know people that live in the Amazon River and I can speak for you know people that still live in Belarus but the American culture is soft and that a great thing that means there been enormous amounts of prosperity but let not be naive I mean people literally complain when somebody gives them the wrong amount of like extra cream in a Starbucks 6 coffee you my lack of interest in complaining is so high and when I watch what people complain about it breaks my heart because they completely lack perspective and i genuinely believe my happiness and optimism comes from my perspective even in political unrest