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welcome back to another vlog we got Savior just picked me over about to go thrifting hit up some stores see what kind of gems we can find you in a bit this make a wish it working on the album at the same time you know same visionary boy yeah we gonna go up and a stick yeah we don go up in here yeah yeah to pick this up be on broke will get me which is like yeah Michael arrived at our first stop with the goodwill video see we could find I don know probably gonna be some o party sees way little hard this wasn even say audio stylist way whatever that means hello it means give me a blazer get rich basketball I in six bucks oh that him that a bargain I might get it dude this is a sentence a good employee suggestion it is a steal Tim Tebow jet not straight even played a snap that looks a little like no poor guy you yeah all the time you go we didn I will even give will there was we were there for maybe like 5 min do it it was