Robin Heath: Stonehenge Bluestones Healing Shock! FULL LECTURE


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what I want to talk to you about this afternoon is is really is a cure for constipation I dealing with and the constipation is about the past and the constipation is that the culture that we live in seems to have a bit of a problem sort of moving things and adapting to things and I want to start off as the title of my lecture reveals by looking at a recent phenomenon that isn very typical of what our culture thinks about the past about a year ago in the paper and I talking front page of some papers and I talking of the news and national news to archaeologists and that Darville and Geoffrey Wainwright it made a claim which was part of the publicity for the fact that they were taking garden spades to Salisbury A E department that a whole set of things had come together such that they were able to make this a very important announcement about Stonehenge that people were coming to Stonehenge to be healed that it was in fact a Healing Center I don think any of you would have problems with that especially those who came on the tour